Board of Directors

  • Past President Steve Erb
  • Carolyn Kingsnorth President Carolyn Kingsnorth
  • Treasurer Ron Silverman
  • President Elect Aaron Hoefling
  • Vice President Judy Lininger
  • Secretary Elizabeth Bunn
  • Judy Barr
  • Bud Bergstrom
  • Kathy Budge
  • Adam Cuppy
  • Karen Foster
  • Mark Hageman
  • Kim Katic
  • John LaVoie
  • Mary Patridge
  • Jim Root, Distinguished Director
  • Don Skundrick
  • Natalie Smith
  • Gregg Sorensen
  • Dwight Wilson
  • Randy Loyd
  • Holly Roberts
  • Brian Watkins
  • Lynn Sjolund
  • Marjorie Overland
  • Cathy Fultineer
  • Bonnie Hall

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